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We provide services to the following industries: Broadcast TV & Feature Films, Fashion, Music, IT, Sports, Medical, Travel, Education, Entertainment, Nightlife, Charity/Non Profit Organizations and Professional Businesses (see below for more details).





Please see the Family History video page for more information. What we offer is a chance for you to explain to your children, grandchildren and all subsequent generations, your beliefs, values and unique family heritage. It’s important for all of us to hear and know about our past and find our place within our family tree. With a Life History Video, your family can take a genealogical journey through your eyes so that every family member can have a better understanding of who and where they come from.


Video Production Full Day Rate – $ 800.00 / Half Day Rate – $450.00

Post Production Non-Linear Editing – $100.00/hr

Video Projection / Video Streaming- $100.00/hr



Music videos, corporate events, concert screen projection, sales training videos, business promos and LIVE STREAMING of events can vary in size and scope. Therefore, these must be priced individually. After a free consultation, you will be given a detailed cost estimate. We will always consult with you before production starts with a detailed estimate.


Do you have an upcoming event that you would like captured? Let us know and we will professionally film it for you. Click here: Eyenet Video Productions 2014 to download introduction packet detailing all video services and rate sheet, a sample cable TV ad campaign and customized ad campaign questionnaire.

TV COMMERCIALS & BUSINESS PROMOS $ 800.00 – $ 4,500.00

Price is based on an estimated 8-45 hours, at $ 100.00 per hour, to create. The typical commercial takes 2 days to film and another 2-10 days to edit. If it takes 4 days to shoot and edit that comes to roughly 32 hours (4 days X 8 hrs per day). If it takes 6 days to complete that equates to 48 hours, depending on the material involved. Commercials can generally be completed within a 1-3 week time frame.

All video is shot in 1080i HD. All estimates and work must be reviewed and approved of by the client prior to shooting. We will create content to your complete satisfaction. Once we create a commercial for you, we will keep it as a template so that if you want to change it in the future, with different content, you may do so easily. By using non linear editing, we can make changes to your commercial without having to start from scratch. This means that once we make one commercial for you, any subsequent spots can cost less than the original one to create.



We offer video projection services for all occasions. Live concerts. Business Presentations & Conferences. Trade Shows. Product demonstrations. We also project videos and pictures at Business Conferences, Wedding Receptions, Launch Parties and Live Events. If you can imagine it, we can project it.

Price is determined by the scope of the project. Variables include the number of camera’s required, lighting and visual arts. We can create the images for projection as well as coordinate artistic direction and filming of the production. Since each show is unique, we will consult with the client to ascertain cost projection. The client will be given options with which to choose from according to budget.

DVD AUTHORING $ 1,800.00 – $ 5,000.00

Price is based on 6-10 minutes of video contained within DVD. If more than 10 minutes is required then the number of hours to create it would increase, thereby increasing the final cost. Smaller projects can cost less. A written estimate will be provided prior to beginning. Based on experience, the typical DVD can take between 18-50 hours to create. This can usually be done in a 3-6 week time frame. Multiplying the number of hours by $ 100.00 is how we come to an average cost of $ 1,800- $ 5,000.

For a DVD requiring more than 10 minutes of video or having multiple movies within the DVD, the price can vary depending on the scope of the project. We will always consult with you before production starts with a detailed estimate.


Cable advertising is a great way to reach people in a targeted geographic area. You can choose to runs ads on specific cable systems throughout Florida or you may choose to place your commercials nationwide. You just need to let us know the city or zip code where you wish to run the ad and we will place it on the proper cable system for you.

Please see SAMPLE AD CAMPAIGN, contained in the INFO PACK at the bottom of this page, to see the cost and number of spots for a given budget. You can defray your costs by sharing them with your corporate partners. For example, if you have an event that you want to promote you can ask another business to split the costs with you. We will insert their corporate logo into your commercial so that you can leverage your marketing budget and get twice the exposure. Contact us at 239-913-9977 for more information.


If you would like to be a strategic partner, there are several options available. Ways of partnering:


Any new business which you refer to me, I agree to pay an agents finders fee. This fee increases based on the NET of each project: 10% for projects under $1,000, 15% for projects between $1,000-2,400, 20% for projects over $2,500 and 50% for projects over $10,000.


The Producer’s job is to finance the production. If you have a passion that you would like to see realized, then we can help you take it from concept to fruition. Producers are people who get things done. If you are action oriented and want to make something real happen then partner with us. In life, there are talkers and there are doers. Producers don’t just talk, we do. Give us a call at 239-913-9977 to get started.


Your vision comes to life. You are involved in all aspects of the production from screen play & script approval, casting & screen tests. We provide: the Equipment, the Director of Photography (D.P.) and editing services. You provide: the Direction and supervise the production by making all the key decisions.


There are other types of win-win relationships. For instance, by employing my video production company as a division of your company. I have made very productive partnerships where I put my video production services under the wing of another persons branded company. To your clients, all work is done under your chosen company name. This way, you get the advantage of a full service production/post production company, while we do the work for you. All you have to do is concentrate on taking care of your clients. We take care of all aspects of the production. I also have experience consulting with businesses, helping them set up in-house video editing suites and green screens. We’ll train your personnel how to use production equipment (lighting, cameras) and teach them how to use non-linear editing & production software.

Here are a few detailed examples of types of services and digital content creation within various industries:

TV Programming & Films- Broadcast TV & Cable Pilots, Documentary programs, Feature Films & Webisodes.

Fashion- Fashion shows, Designer profiles and Brand Awareness Campaigns.

Music- Music videos, Live Performances, Concert Projection.

Technology- Internet Video Streaming, Social Media Strategy, SEO and High Tech Profiles of New Innovations & Products.

Medical- Physician profiles, Conference speeches and presentations. Pre and Post OP Patient Education Instructions.

Travel- Travel Shows, Hotel destinations, Vacation and National Park Travel Guides.

Education & Training- Financial Adviser Services, Sales Team Training, DVD and on-line video courses.

Entertainment- DJ profiles and EDM events, Film & Music Festival promos.

Nightlife- Restaurant and Nightclub promotion.

Charity/Non Profit Organizations- Annual Gala promotion and fund raising opportunities. To see an example please click on the Charity Events link at the top of the page.

Professional Business Services- Services for Attorney’s include commercials, business promos & products, video taped depositions, court room recreations. We also can create customized video press releases and issue ad campaigns. Just bring us your issue or cause.

Click here: Eyenet Video Productions 2014 to download introduction packet detailing all video services and rate sheet, a sample cable TV ad campaign and customized ad campaign questionnaire.