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CocoRosie concert

I Filmed this in Orlando, Florida. CocoRosie has become one of my favorite new bands. They used amazing projected images which were projected onto themselves and a large screen behind the band. They created quite a beautiful and magical vibe that night!

Here are the songs Rainbowarriors, Smokey Taboo and Turn Me On. Bianca & Sierra contact me if you want the rest of the concert. I would love for you to have it.

Smokey Taboo

Turn Me On


Russian Music Salon


Bella Gutshtein & Boris Sandler started an educational organization, The Russian Cultural Center of Naples in the year 2012. They host classical music performances at the Koreshan State Historical Site in Estero, Florida. The Estero Concert Series invites some of the most talented musicians, who play world class music from the greatest composers in history. If you go to one of their concerts, you will be treated to Chamber Music from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Dvorak and more!


Bella & Boris also created the VOICES OF THE HOLOCAUST program, a mixture of classical music and dramatic readings to commemorate UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year I filmed their program, “I never saw another butterfly… Love is as strong as death”, dedicated to the littlest victims of war. It was a rousing and emotional night. These two videos introduce Zofia Majewski singing “Eyl Malei Rachamim”, a traditional Jewish prayer and also includes Kaddish from Holocaust survivor Abe Price, projected drawings by children from Terezín and Darfur who grew up surrounded by war,  and stirring classical music performances of A. Schnittke’s Piano Quintet, J.S. Bach’s Chromatic Fantasia and my personal favorite Dmitri Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 2.

To see more of the program click on this link for a Boris & Bella playlist on YouTube.


My good friends Boris & Bella host an exhilarating “Evening with Boris & Bella”, consisting of music, poetry and delectable exotic food. It is a unforgettable private concert that will expand your cultural horizons. Tonight we enjoyed a “VIRTUOSO CONCERT featuring Herman Hesse”, a musical program put together by Artistic Director Bella Gutshtein and accompanied by Boris Sandler on violin. It truly was an enchanting experience.


On May 15th, 2013 The Russian Cultural Center of Naples and the Gallery on Fifth, at Mercato in Naples, Florida held a Art-Music event featuring the Naples String Quartet. There was a presentation of Russian Art from the 19th Century and classical music from Borodin (1833-1837), Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) and Glinka (1804-1857).

This video is a montage of the Russian Art that was projected to Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet No.1 in D major, Opus 11, 2nd movement. The Naples String Quartet is comprised of Boris Sandler- violin, Daniela Shtereva- violin, Adam Satinsky- cello, and Katrina Rozmus- viola. For more information about the Russian Cultural Center of Naples events email

Brew Babies promo

Directed and Filmed by Daniel Herrera and edited by me, this is a profile of Valerie Elam and her band The Edge who entertain at the coolest place I know of to chillax (chill/relax) in Cape Coral, Florida. Brew Babies.

It’s ART vs. WAR in this song by Cary Vhugen. Who will win? Watch the video and find out. In this short film, I tried to explore the concepts of beauty, fate, nature and free will. We, as a human race, cannot deny our freedom of choice.

The future is not predetermined. Ignorance is taught and perpetuated BY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD, the ONLY WORLD (with sweet sunlight, oxygen and natural resources) THAT WE HAVE! The images in this video contrast the beauty of life with the disturbing and dysfunctional state of the world circa 2010. This video shows the moment Benazir Bhutto was murdered. If such a brave and brilliant woman’s life can be extinguished, so easily, by raging religious zealots who live with so much hatred and ignorance in their hearts and minds, then this world has a serious problem. I SEE A FUTURE TIME where people in the Islamic countries will look back at this present time in history with shame. It’s a disgrace that innocent people can get blown up for simply going to market or to a school.

Some people see 2012 as “the coming apocalypse”. Others a U.S. Presidential race. I see it as the start of a new era of human enlightenment. With 2013 being YEAR ONE of the new era, so to speak. What we are seeing is a revolution of freedom in the world today. This is necessarily chaotic. The forces of freedom and literacy MUST DEFEAT the forces of tyranny, hatred and backwardness. There is no other way.

I’m an optimist. Despite all the crazy things that happen in this world, it’s all we have. One of these days people will wise up and attain enlightenment. I doubt it will be in my lifetime but I believe truth and peace will win over ignorance and war. If I’m wrong it’s alright, I would rather live my life deluded by optimism than consumed by hatred. If people erased ignorance and hatred from their hearts and lived every day with wonder and gratitude, the world would be a better place.


1) Do good in the world and you will always have a clear conscience. 2) Choose wisdom over ancient dogma. 3) Try to become personally better, every single day of your precious life… and you too can be a part of the new enlightenment yourself.

There are paintings that islamic militants use to depict paradise, their twisted vision where the supposed virgins are waiting for them… In the meantime here on Earth, they fear and repress young girls and don’t let them get an education. Most likely because they are illiterate themselves. It’s a very sad situation for the year 2011, it’s ass backwards, and it doesn’t have a future. This video shows some of the beautiful artistic paintings that those militants use to brainwash their suicide bomber recruits. I thought is was relevant and quite perverse that they could use such lovely images of “paradise” to promote murder and death.

I sincerely believe that WE COULD FIX THIS situation IN ONE GENERATION. We  just need to educate all kids, all over the world… from kindergarden onwards and teach them proper and scientific human history… That’s it… Just as soon as we can stop being a divided nation ourselves. Like I said, EASY… if your enlightened.

Special thanks to Robert Hayman for use of his studio and one of his paintings. Space images courtesy of NASA.

This was filmed at Artichoke & Company Deli & Catering at the Village on Venetian Bay in Naples, Florida. This special evening of dinner & singing featured the fine catering of chef Brian Gorman and entertainment by the man of many voices- Johnny T and Sinatra tribute artist Michael Dutra. Check the Artichoke & Co website for catering information and their calendar of future events.

I also filmed Michael performing his Frank Sinatra tribute show. Here he is onstage, in front of a packed theatre, doing a stirring interpretation of “Maybe This Time”.