Revolutionary idea would create the

largest economic boom in American History!

This one idea could single handedly transform and stimulate the U.S. economy by putting power back into the hands of the people, rather than the representatives in Congress. This reform idea would change the nature of the relationship between the people of the United States and it’s Government in Washington, D.C.

Rather than the American people waiting, with their hands out, for the Government to issue them a monthly S.S. check, the people should have a personal account with ALL OF THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS IN ONE ACCOUNT. Rather than the government sending us a check of $1,200 per month, the people should have all of their contributions given back to them in a lump sum payment, after they have contributed for certain amount of years. This reform would put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the hands of people in the real economy and could be used to finance a mortgage, a car or start up a new business. Give people the choice to opt out of the Social Security system and create personal retirement accounts, which could be passed on to a beneficiary, funded with REAL MONEY, not government IOU’s.

My father died before age 65, so he paid into the system his entire working life and neither he nor our family collected a dime. The government keeps 100% of a persons contributions, when they die early. Where is the fairness in that?

Circa 1935 car

The Social Security Act was passed in the year 1935. Would you drive a car built in 1935? Should the system be based on a law passed so long ago, when we have developed technology light years ahead of 1935?

It’s a crime that politicians have raided the S.S. trust funds and spent that money. It makes NO SENSE to try to save an unsustainable system where people are getting their retirement benefits from workers paying into the system today. Demographics show that there won’t be enough workers in the future to sustain all of those who are retired/retiring. The current system empowers the Government at the expense of the people.

Imagine if instead of people receiving a monthly Social Security check that they actually had a funded account, with all of their lifetime of contributions (including compound interest), in it? In the case of my mom, she would be much better off with one account which had ALL of her (plus her husband’s) contributions in it, rather than simply waiting every month to receive her Social Security check. Now multiply that by all retirees. Anyone can see how positive it would be if all of that money could be brought back into the private sector. Instead of living Social Security paycheck to paycheck, many retiree’s would have a nice big account which would help them to finance a car, pay for medicine or use for business. Congress could fund these accounts in full, now! This would stimulate the economy for REAL. This single reform would lead to the greatest economic BOOM in American history, thus leading us out of the current malaise we are in right now.

I feel a sense of duty to help return our country to it’s founding principles of limited government and individual freedom. It’s sad to see the U.S. so divided and indebted.
The uncertain economic situation which the Western World currently finds itself in is not a failure of Capitalism, it is a failure of Democratic Socialism.